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Does Anybody Knows What It Means To Enter the Kingdom of God?

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Does Anybody Knows What It Means To Enter the King.. by Gboyega Adedeji on 8:24 am Friday, 30 June 2017      162 Views

I want anyone that understands what it truly means to enter the Kingdom of God to share his or her thoughts with me on this forum. Thanks in advance!

Re: Does Anybody Knows What It Means To Enter the King by OBAYOMI Abiola Benjamin on 3:35 pm Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Entering the Kingdom of Heaven simply means becoming a citizen. Just like no person on earth can simply stroll in and out of countries of the world except they have a valid visa, entering the kingdom of heaven means to be a bonafide and certified true citizen of God's kingdom. Of course, their are criteria to entering into this kingdom. First, the individual must be born again John 3:3. The reason being that Heaven is a Holy place, and it is where God in His Majesty resides. No unclean thing would make it there, because God is too Holy to behold iniquity.


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